NEW REVELATIONS: “Gibson Must Go”, says Labour Source

***WARNING: This post contains deeply offensive images that many readers are likely to find upsetting.  Please exercise caution when viewing these images.  We apologise for any distress caused.***

Yesterday, the Weekend Furlough published dramatic evidence of seeming ‘anti-Semitic’ tropes from the Chairman of the North Thanet Labour Party, John Gilson.  Overnight, we were sent new material from a usually reliable source.  The material, drawn mainly from Gibson’s personal Facebook page, is so serious that today one Labour source told us emphatically that ‘Gibson must go’.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 14.22.31.png


A well known category of anti-Semitism – dating back to the early 19th Century concerns the Rothschild banking dynasty.  Conspiracy theories afford the Jewish family great quantities of power, which according to the conspiracists, the family use to control World events.  The category of conspiracy theories has been condemned by almost all major Jewish leadership groups as anti-Semitic.  The topic was widely discussed following the controversy surrounding Jeremy Corbyn and an anti-Semitic mural.¹

Mr Gibson, a senior Labour official, seems a big fan.


Yesterday, this site covered the bleak realities of Mr Gibson’s Twitter feed and the seemingly anti-Semitic material upon it. The material upon his Facebook page is, if anything, bleaker still.Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 12.52.05.png

Mr Gibson has been keen to defend activists he feels have been wrongly accused of anti-Semitism.  These have included: Tony Greenstein (expelled); Jackie Walker (suspended pending inquiry); Ken Livingstone (2yr suspension, now suspended pending inquiry); David Watson (suspended pending inquiry) and Marc Wadsworth (expelled).

One group who John Gibson does want action taken against, however is the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. In May last year, Gibson saw fit to promote a petition initiated by Tony Greenstein (now expelled from the Labour Party following allegations of anti-Semitism).  The Petition sought to have the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism deregistered as a charity because it “limits freedom of speech”.


Beyond those that are nakedly Jewish/Israeli in direction, Mr Gibson has a peculiar taste in assorted conspiracy theories – quite often those pushed by despotic regimes.

By way of example, the Skripal atttack, “staged” by the UK.

Syrian Chemical weapons attacks, fanciful.

What is more Mr Gibson knows why the US “hates” Syria.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 20.59.53.png

Oh and the BBC are hiding how many people really died at Grenfell – information he got from the Iranian Government’s international broadcaster.Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.07.21.png


Andrea Leadsom, Female Leader of the House of Commons – a “greedy bitch”.  Margaret Thatcher, Female Prime Minister – “the bitch is dead”.

It seems to be women Mr Gibson has a real problem with.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 20.56.56.png

Though in fairness we’ve found some more blokes in the Labour Party, that Mr Gibson thinks need deselecting, suspending or expelling.


Make no bones about it, John Gibson is a senior Labour Party Official.  As Constituency Party Chairman, he is the most senior Labour activist in the North Thanet Parliamentary Constituency.  What action – if any – the Labour Party takes against Mr Gibson will be a good marker of where the anti-Semitism scandal goes next.

One Labour Source told the Weekend Furlough that these posts “make me sick to the bone”. They said simply, “Gibson must go”.

Mr Gibson continues to refuse to communicate with or comment for The Weekend Furlough.




Anti-Semitism Row Spreads North: North Thanet Labour Chairman Caught Out

***WARNING: This article contains shocking images and offensive terminology, some readers may find upsetting.***

Adding to the storm surrounding embattled South Thanet Candidate, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, over claims of anti-semitism; new troubling revelations have today emerged.  John Gibson, Chairman of bordering North Thanet Constituency Labour Party, now also faces allegations over seemingly anti-semitic material – this time from his own Twitter feed.

One tweet ‘liked’ by Gibson is below:

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 11.35.01.png

The seemingly obviously anti-Semitic tweet from the fringe @MontyBest, pro-Corbyn account, was retweeted or liked by just one other account, John Gibson.  Shocking stuff…

Another post, this time both liked and retweeted by Gibson demanded that the Jewish Labour Movement and its then President explain actions of the Israeli Government.Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.56.41.png

Both the conflating of Jews and Israel and holding Jews accountable for the actions of Israel are well recognised anti-Semitic tropes.  The post – promoted by Gibson – was from Tony Greenstein, a former Labour activist expelled for anti-Semitism.

Perhaps of greatest concern, given the Labour Party’s current disciplinary policy, is Gibson’s retweeting of Tony Greenstein on March 27 of this year.Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.44.59.png

Greenstein was expelled in Mid-February, chiefly, for use of the offensive slur “zio”.  According to Party Lawyer, David Ogg, the term “zio” is “considered to be a racial slur, that is anti-semitic.¹  The Lawyer also said that a belief that the word is not anti-Semitic is no defence under the party rules.  If Gibson read the term “zio” and retweeted it, surely this is a disciplinary matter…

Gibson is a long-standing opponent of Israel and has endorsed posts calling zionism “a cancer” and repeatedly sought to distance his claimed “anti-zionism” from “anti-semitism”.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 11.53.39

Earlier this year, he signified his support for Marc Wadsworth, the Labour Activist expelled for anti-Semitism, propagating claims his expulsion was “bullying”.  He has repeatedly supported criticism of the Labour Chair of the APPG on anti-Semitism over his campaigning on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.41.02

Gibson’s caustic eye has also been lent to the Labour Leadership.  Here’s what he thought prudent to endorse about, Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry:

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 11.12.10.png

Well, that’s one take.

He also seems to have some theories about Former International Development Secretary, Priti Patel.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.52.30.png

That’s what we at the Weekend Furlough refer to as ‘a robust line’…

There are some politicians who Mr Gibson does like:

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 11.11.34.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 10.42.29.png

Who would have guessed.

On the guessing subject, wondering who Gibson backed in the Labour PPC race – guess no more…

new file.png


We sought, repeatedly to contact Mr Gibson regarding these serious allegations.  Rather than respond, he blocked us on Twitter.  Since that time, he has found a moment to publish 3 new allegations about Israel on Facebook – make of that what you will.


NOTE:  Any and all allegations seemingly endorsed, propagated and/or made by Mr Gibson in this article are his and his alone.  In particular, the serious allegations contained in Tweets we have reported upon regarding Emily Thornberry and Priti Patel are wholly untrue and defamatory.  The Weekend Furlough’s reporting upon them should in no way be construed as an endorsement of any kind.  There is no evidence to support any of the aforementioned slurs.



Having lost one Parliamentarian old boy in the form of David Cameron, the Old Etonian Association can rejoice in potentially getting another ‘Eton Family’  back into the Palace of Westminster.  Kyle McCallum who was ‘Handfasted’ in a Scottish Pagan ceremony to South Thanet Labour Candidate, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt is an old boy.


A veteran of the tennis squad, McCallum now uses the Eton connection to boast of his prowess when advertising himself as a tennis coach.  McCallum also works as a Lecturer in Arts and Festival Management at London South Bank University.

Eton College, which charges fees of over £32,000 a year, has educated 19 British Prime Ministers.  It is normally better known for its links to the Tory Party and has traditionally attracted criticism from the Left of British Politics.  Tony Blair, attended Fettes College but no Labour Prime Minister has ever attended the school known as ‘Home of the British Establishment’.

Gordon-Nesbitt is – despite her partner’s illustrious education – an opponent of Kent’s Grammar School system.  The schools seek, according to their supporters, to give a Public School style education to pupils without the means to enjoy private education.


McCallum alludes to his privileged upbringings in his stage name for the, in our opinion, exceedingly bad electric music that he produces.

McCallum has – according to public records – had an eclectic career. In fact, in 2013, McCallum tried his hand at Hollywood, working as “Petty Cash Buyer” for the James McAvoy film, ‘Filth’.  It is likely that given the film’s estimated £5,000,000 budget that McCallum had access to large sums of cash.  His sister also worked as a buyer for the film.

The following year, McCallum and Gordon-Nesbitt moved to Ramsgate.  They now live in a £375,000 house there together.  The average house in South Thanet is worth £227,000, some £148,000 less than the Gordon-Nesbitt/McCallum household.  Nothing on the old digs though…download

McCallum, despite being very aware of our attempts to contact him, declined to comment.

‘Thanet Left’ in LOCKDOWN over Leaks

The Left-Wing Thanet Facebook group, ‘Thanet Left’, has been placed into a ‘lockdown’ as the turmoil caused by the Gordon-Nesbitt files continues.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 13.44.02

The previously ‘public’ Facebook group was last night locked amid fears that “investigative journalists could find more damaging content” within the group.  Yesterday, Jonathan Flaig one of the ‘administrators’ of the group refused to speak to the Weekend Furlough. He did confirm, however, that he had heard about the so-called ‘Leaker No. 1’ revelations.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 13.44.31.png

One supporter of the group – who supported Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt in the PPC election –  said, the change was likely to be “meaningless” unless “the leaker-in-chief” was kicked out.  They said: “I don’t know why anyone has any patience left with [‘Leaker No. 1’] – she is clearly working against the party. The individual referred to as ‘Leaker No.1’ has denied any allegations of leaking. At the time of checking, ‘Leaker No. 1’ remained a group member. Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 13.44.45 copy

Group admins may want to know that we have continued to receive (subpar from our perspective) screenshots since they moved to a closed group…


Responding to claims from a senior labour figure, known as ‘Leaker No. 1’, a source has claimed that there is no truth to one persistently circulating rumour about a secret team behind Gordon-Nesbitt.

Speaking to the weekend furlough, ‘Leaker No. 1’ had claimed that Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt had been “plucked from obscurity” as part of a left-wing ‘Manchurian Style’ plot by a quartet of local leftist figures.  The group which was said to have included Jackie Walker a controversial figure, who remains suspended from the Labour Party over claims of anti-Semitism.  The group was also said to have included Graham Bash, who is known for his links to Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell.

Jackie Walker
Jackie Walker, alleged by one source to be known as “Comrade Squealer”

In a bizarre turn of events, one usually reliable source told this site that the Group referred to themselves by “Animal Farm inspired pseudonyms.”  It has not been possible to confirm this speculation.


  1. ‘COMRADE NAPOLEON’ – GRAHAM BASH Senior voice within Jewish Voice for Labour – a group that downplays anti-Semitism within the Labour Party.  Labour Briefing Editor.  Labour Representation Committee Treasurer.
  2. ‘COMRADE SQUEALER’ – JACKIE WALKER Former Momentum Vice-Chair, currently suspended from the Labour Party over allegations of anti-Semitism – which she denies.  Central target in Jewish Groups’ protests to the Labour Party.
  3. ‘COMRADE PINCHER’ – Nxxxxx xxxxxx Local journalist with long legacy of left-wing advocacy.
  4. ‘COMRADE BLUEBELL’ – Cxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Thanet disability rights activist who has angrily denied previous allegations of anti-semitism on news site run by ‘Comrade Pincher’

Responding to the general claims, a ‘Manchurian Quartet’ member described them as ‘categorically untrue’.  He denied that so-called ‘Comrade Squealer’, Jackie Walker, ever participated in any campaign meetings but declined to comment on whether he had participated.



‘The Manchurian Candidate’ was a 1959 political thriller by author, Richard Condon.  It has twice been adapted into screenplays.  The plot focusses on the son of a prominent politician who is brainwashed as part of a communist plot to take over the United States.  He is then ‘run’ unwittingly as a candidate for President as a puppet of his communist masters.

Know the truth?  Is ‘Leaker No. 1’ telling porkies? Or did this group really meet?  Know the truth, let us spill your secrets for you…

Team RGN ‘plan Godfather style showdown with Cllr Constantwhine’

Infuriated by recent leaks, key members of ‘Team Gordon-Nesbitt are tonight planning a ‘Godfather style showdown’ with scandal-hit Councillor, Karen Constantine.  The group which includes ‘key Gordon-Nebitt lieutenants’ Stuart McCann and Bunny La Roche plans to confront Constantine at the Ramsgate ‘Schools in Crisis’ Meeting organised by the National Education Union.


Also attending is Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt herself who will have to listen to her speech by the woman many accuse of launching a ‘dirty tricks operation’ against her. Some have taken to referring the Ramsgate Councillor as ‘leaker number 1’. Constantine denies all allegations of leaking.

Given the explosive personalities involved, party bosses fear a ‘Ravensgate Arms’ style meltdown.  One participant told this site, today, that:

“It’s put up or shut up time for Karen, we’ve had enough.”

Source close to the Gordon-Nesbitt camp

With the warring between the rival factions showing no signs of abating – this has the potential to be explosive.  A source close to Constantine once made a series of unverifiable claims about both Bunny La Roche and Stuart McCann and advised us to look into them.  Tonight, they meet.

At the meeting?  Tell us what happened, anonymously, at the contact page…


In her statement responding to claims circulating that she is the so-called ‘leaker number 1’ – claims she denies – Karen Constantine made the following statement:

The image with a ‘Chris’ tagged isn’t my Chris.

The statement –  coming shortly after our ‘The Gordon-Nesbitt Files: The Origins’ post, makes clear that the ‘Chris’ we refer to is not Constantine’s husband ‘Chris Constantine’.

It has since been, shall we say, ‘suggested’ to us that we should make this clear.  We are very happy to do so.  Readers should not conclude in any way that Chris Constantine is running a vicious briefing war against Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt and/or leaked any embarrassing material about her.

In entirely unrelated news, check out what Chris Constantine wrote the last time a candidate beat his wife for Labour PPC:

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 15.20.39.png

And some of the research he engaged in:

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 15.24.25.png


Furious war of words erupts over Ravensgate Arms ‘Altercation’

Thanet Labour was today plunged into chaos amid competing claims over an altercation in the Ravensgate Arms pub.  In January 2018, a heated row broke out between South Thanet Labour Candidate, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt and Kaz Peet the agent to Gordon-Nesbitt’s then rival Karen Constantine.  Unverified claims state that drinks were “thrown” before Peet stormed off – all denied by Peet.

Sources close to Team Gordon-Nesbitt were last night claiming that Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt was “verbally abused” by Kaz Peet who allegedly called the candidate a “F****** B****”.  Meanwhile, Peet fired back stating emphatically, that it was Gordon Nesbitt who had been “passive aggressive” and “insisted upon” confronting her – despite, Peet asking Gordon-Nesbitt not to talk to her.  One source close to Peet claimed that she had been left in tears by Gordon-Nesbitt’s alleged explosion.

“The allegations are being made to get at Karen Constantine who was the stand out candidate and should have won.”

Kaz Peet

Exact details are unclear but the common ground between the now actively warring camps is this:

  • Gordon-Nesbitt and Peet were both at the Ravensgate Arms separately with friends.
  • Both parties had consumed substantially more than one drink at the time of the row.
  • The Peet group then began to leave the pub to attend a birthday party elsewhere.
  • As the Peet group was leaving there is a dispute. Peet claims Gordon-Nesbitt approached her and pro Gordon-Nesbitt sources are claiming the opposite.
  • A heated war of words ensues but with each camp claiming the other was the menacing one.
  • Peet then leaves, according to her, or storms out according to Team Gordon-Nesbitt.

The argument was said to centre over Gordon-Nesbitt’s candidature with Peet admitting to accusing Dr Gordon-Nesbitt of “splitting the left wing vote” and getting “rude in a ‘pub banter’ type of way”.  Peet is also understood to have disputed Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt’s grassroots credentials.

“You’re posh, you’re an intellectual and you work at the House of Lords. What is grass roots about that?”

Kaz Peet – Alleged Remarks during ‘Ravensgate Arms Altercation’

Peet now claims that Gordon-Nesbitt had been “spreading a web of lies around” Karen Constantine.  Peet claims RGN propagated “ridiculous stories” accusing Constantine of having not voted for Jeremy Corbyn – a claim denied furiously by Constantine.  Gordon-Nesbitt, according to Peet,  “kept saying things about Karen that I know to be untrue… and told lies in order to elevate herself and forge a position”.  Peet claims that claims from the Gordon-Nesbitt camp about her are “absurd” and that she was in no way bullying.

Meanwhile, Senior Labour sources close to the Gordon-Nesbitt campaign were keen to point out that Peet had been involved in another similar altercation in April at the Ramsgate Music Hall.  They alleged that Peet “pulled a similar intimidatory stunt on another woman for making it known that she would be supporting Gordon-Nesbitt rather than Constantine in the PPC race”. They claim Peet “publicly rounded on another woman ‘effing and blinding’ in her face trying to provoke a fight.”  The row, it is acknowledged, continued outside. Peet admitted a “rather loud argument” but claims the row instead centred over defamatory posts on Facebook,

Extraordinarily, sources close to the Gordon-Nesbitt campaign were today claiming that Peet was “a habitual drug user”.  Peet angrily denied these claims saying “I am not a habitual drug user at all.”  Peet however admitted living a “rock and roll” lifestyle and having written for a cannabis magazine.

Unverified claims were today, inexplicably, being made about Peet and a shocking incident, said to have taken place 4 years ago, that we are unable to detail for legal reasons.

Peet: “Constantine’s substance abusing henchwoman”

Labour Source close to Gordon-Nesbitt Campaign

The murkiness of the original events – including extraordinary claims that the Labour PPC engaged in “harassing, bullying” conduct – are unlikely to be resolved.  The accounts of both camps are poles apart.  It is the warring state of the Thanet Labour Party that is most worrying party bosses this evening with competing camps prepared to say anything to injure the other.  Readers can only guess when the crisis caused by the Gordon-Nesbitt files will lift.


Constantine or Constantwhine? Cllr calls anti-semitism a smear

The usually serene pond of the secret South Thanet Labour Party Facebook Group has been rocked over the past 24 hours by a foul mouthed rant.  Ramsgate Councillor and twice defeated MP hopeful Karen Constantine “shocked” members by launching a tirade in response to claims she has been the so-called “original source” for the Gordon-Nesbitt Files.

In further troubling signs of Thanet Labour’s tolerance of Anti-Semitism; Constantine bizarrely defended herself by downplaying anti-semitism.  Claiming that claims of anti-semitism – made by Jewish Community groups – were “beyond [her]”, Constantine also described them as right wing smears.

constantine rant .jpg

These extraordinary claims, seemingly contradict the Labour Leadership’s acceptance of an anti-semitism problem.  Inexplicably, Constantine claims she has made similar remarks at public meetings.  If you were at one, let us know…

constantine rant

Constantine, also claims not to have spoken to this site. This, unfortunately triggers a public interest requirement for us.

We did speak to Cllr Constantine and did so at length.  She was indeed ‘generous’ with her knowledge sharing. We could, if required, publish the “Thanet is not Cuba” diatribe in full.



Fried Chicken, Anyone?

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt, ‘a dirty tricks’ campaigner?

What was Dr Gordon-Nesbitt’s involvement in Vivisection?

Is Gordon-Nesbitt really reformed on Anti-Semitism?

Digging Deeper into the Gordon-Nesbitt Files

The Gordon-Nesbitt Files


Labour Candidate’s Think Tank Defended Ken and Jackie Walker

Labour Candidate Deletes Website and Twitter Account Amid Anti-Semitism Row


Labour MP Chris Williamson to speak at event chaired by suspended activist Jackie Walker


Labour’s parliamentary hopeful for South Thanet says residents will help to shape local party policy

The Gordon-Nesbitt Files: The Origins

We get it.  A new site comes along and publishes a series of stories that people think could hurt a candidate in a future election.  This gets people wondering, who is behind it?

Let me be clear, earlier articles published by others about this site were inaccurate, way wide of the mark.  The truth is this…

The main author of this site is a hobby writer with occasional examples of previous journalistic success but not many.  We are London based but have some historic links to Cliftonville – some people dear to us still live there.  We pay limited attention to ‘Thanet life’ but had heard about the Labour PPC race.  Like most people, we expected a candidate other than the eventual winner to be selected.

This piqued our interest.  Our experience is that unexpected results often have fascinating origins.  So, we decided to look into it.

Our first call was to a senior Labour source – one who as a consequence of the result – we thought might be talkative. We made the call on the 10th of April – some while before we published our first story.  We explained that we were a journalist and wanted to write a story about the PPC race and any funny goings on.  We were not disappointed.Call EvidienceGoogle Sourc


Over the course of a 30 minute phone call, the individual told us that there was a “big story here” and we should be “grateful” because she was giving us a lot of news.  The individual pointed us in the direction of a lot of different allegations.  We made a note of all of them.  Some did not check out – many did.

It was clear that our source had an axe to grind and would tell us what we wanted to hear in order that we may criticise Dr Gordon-Nesbitt.  She obviously felt hurt by the way that she thought Gordon-Nesbitt had betrayed her.  Clearly at that stage she was disappointed at recent events and wanted to lash out.  Her view was that the PPC election should be re-run. However, while much was unfocused and unpublishable she gave us a lot that was actionable, including:

  1. Telling us about the @cambiarcultura, twitter account and that she had traced it back to Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt.  We made initial enquiries however, in the interim, Guido Fawkes published the most juicy of the anti-semitism revelations. The Cambiar Cultura twitter account had clearly been at issue in the recent PPC election [see below image].Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 12.06.59
  2. Discussion of links between Gordon-Nesbitt and suspended and/or controversial Thanet Labour figures. The Jewish Chronicle published it’s piece on the May Day Jackie Walker rally prior to us receiving a screenshot from another source.
  3. A series of unverifiable allegations about Gordon-Nesbitt’s work and union membership status.  We have not published these due to the lack of any corroborative evidence.
  4. Broader allegations regarding the Salon3 charity – which again have proved unverifiable.

We ended the phone call, feeling excited.  If just some of what our source had claimed was true, this could be big.  We were amazed that we had gained all of this from an elected official. We went away with the view that we would need time to independently stand up each strand. However, our options were limited by Guido and the JC pipping us to the post and publishing some of what we would otherwise of posted before we had posted.   Nevertheless, we could and have written a lot, even so.

We are very grateful to our source, who despite being chagrined, fired the starting gun on all of the ‘Gordon-Nesbitt Files’ and provided weapons-grade briefing…  None of this would be possible without her.

Some while later we began to publish stories and a further source got in touch via email.  They used, like us, a free ‘’ pseudonym email address calling themselves ‘Vaz Patel’.  They wanted to send us material and we were more than happy to receive it.

The information received was detailed and included all of our stories regarding vivisection.  While the wording, tone and linguistic signature was different to our first source (leading us to conclude they were different people) they shared a lot of the same information.  We believed that they must be close to one another…

One email included much regarding the now infamous Jackie Walker meeting – we were very grateful. However, it sadly came after publication in the JC.  However, one screenshot seemingly from Facebook led to us giving our source a name within The Weekend Furlough.   The screenshot, in full, is below:5802C3DD-6989-460F-AD22-690C9B8654F5 (1)

It was clear that ‘Vaz’ or ‘Chris‘ as we referred to him after we were sent the above photo, also had an inside interest.  We approached his allegations with care but we were very grateful for the original files/links he sent us.  His tips, consistent assistance and natural instinct for political bombshells have helped our cause no end.


While we did ask some other individuals to send us any screenshots that they had; 95% of our material came from these two sources.  We know that internal elections are messy and that they probably had motives that were personal.  However, they did provide a lot of material that we could check.

We have published original files and screenshots where possible and hope readers agree that all of this is real information, accurately reported – even if you don’t like our editorial stance.  We stand by our reporting.  This is not an “attack site”, “astroturfing” or anything else.  We see ourselves as a genuine blog, exposing nonsense and we’re grateful our sources for their help in this.



Fried Chicken, Anyone?

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt, ‘a dirty tricks’ campaigner?

What was Dr Gordon-Nesbitt’s involvement in Vivisection?

Is Gordon-Nesbitt really reformed on Anti-Semitism?

Digging Deeper into the Gordon-Nesbitt Files

The Gordon-Nesbitt Files


Labour Candidate’s Think Tank Defended Ken and Jackie Walker

Labour Candidate Deletes Website and Twitter Account Amid Anti-Semitism Row


Labour MP Chris Williamson to speak at event chaired by suspended activist Jackie Walker


Labour’s parliamentary hopeful for South Thanet says residents will help to shape local party policy