The Gordon-Nesbitt Files

You’ve probably already seen Guido Fawke’s exposé of Dr Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt’s crazy Centre For Cultural change – if not see it here.

Now, if you thought that was all the Centre for Cultural Change (*aka* Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt) had to say, you’d be wrong.

Take this for example…

Queen Tweet

Gordon-Nesbitt says its “time to get rid” of the “unelected” “Royal Yacht Queenie”.  Nice…

So she doesn’t like The Queen… But are there any Global leaders the good Doctor does like?

Well as you asked…

Castro tweets

Yes, that’s the same Castro who summarily executed homosexuals and political opponents – the absolute boy…

Don’t like her views – you’re free to leave the country.

Leave the Country Tweet

Those views to be clear…

Marxist tweets

But she’s not a real marxist right…



Property is theft, entrepreneurs cause poverty…  Where does Gordon-Nesbitt find her food? Answers on a postcard please.


Perhaps her fringe views are theoretical – for Cuba not Britain…

Ban Creative Industry DCMS Tweet


And just in case we’re not sure that this is absolutely the Labour Candidate…

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt (CCC)

Oh dear…

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