Is Gordon-Nesbitt really reformed on Anti-Semitism?

In an interview on the Isle of Thanet News site, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt has (finally) responded to Guido Fawke’s revelations of anti-semitism from the so-called Centre for Cultural Change.

She says:

“In 2016, I registered the url for The Centre for Cultural Change, an anonymous blog and twitter group run by activists from the Kent area. I am sincerely sorry for any hurt and offence caused by tweets from the account and regret that I did not understand this at the time they were posted.

“I have since developed a deeper understanding of antisemitism and the prevalence of antisemitic tropes, and I believe the expansion of political education on antisemitism within our movement is an essential step forward.

“ I fully support the efforts the Party is taking to stamp out antisemitism, and I look forward to working with the Jewish community in my constituency to raise awareness of antisemitism within our Party and within wider society.”


So, now, a totally reformed campaigner against anti-semitism…

Well, when local ailurophile, ‘Bunny La Roche’ posted this on why anti-semitism concerns from Jewish groups were smears…


Bunny La Roche - Smears

You would never guess who recorded their love for it…

RGN loves

Jeremy Corbyn accepts anti-semitism is real.  Gordon-Nesbitt ‘loves’ claims that the Board of Deputies are “playing politics” and not representative of Jews.

All this on 26th March, a steep learning curve…

Since that time Ms La Roche has posted a series of tropes all questioning whether anti-semitism is what it has been reported to be in the Labour Party.  She has posted text referring to anti-semitic stories as a “witch hunt”, a “hounding”, “treachery”, “undemocratic”, echoing the case of “Stephen Lawrence” and “smears”

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt has seen all these posts, she has said nothing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt seems to have nothing to say in the face of claims of the most abhorrent nature.  Silent when confronted with tropes of  an apparent slant that downplays anti-semitism.

South Thanet’s Jewish residents may now know how the good Doctor will stand up for them…

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt, the ball is in your court.  Much like Albus Dumbledore once said: “it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies but just as much to stand up to your friends.”

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