Dr Gordon-Nesbitt, ‘a dirty tricks’ campaigner?

Much has been made by those close to Dr Gordon-Nesbitt of the authorship of this site.  They have stated, erroneously, that it is published as an ‘attack site’ by a Tory aide.  In truth, most of the information we’ve published has come directly from concerned Labour sources…

You might think – given the handwringing – that the good Doctor’s hands are entirely clean of the so-called political dark arts.  That Dr Gordon-Nesbitt would not engage in aggressive background research and the like.


In 2011, Gordon-Nesbitt published a 31 page book, entitled ‘How to Conduct Investigative Research’.  Readers will be pleased to learn that we have obtained a copy…


One chapter within the text is entitled, ‘how to be a web detective‘ in which Gordon-Nesbitt provides advice on exposing the true sources behind campaign organisations.  She details in some length how one enquiry revealed an anti-Iran campaign was run by a ‘hard-line Israel lobby group’.  Gordon-Nesbitt also details how to use ‘whois’ web domain checks to outline the origins of websites.

‘CulturaGate’, the controversy caused by Dr Gordon-Nesbitt’s links to the hastily closed Centre for Cultural Change was exposed by precisely the methods outlined by Gordon-Nesbitt’s book.  The book calls them ‘sophisticated powers of detection’ – we call it basic research.

Today, those close to Gordon-Nesbitt are claiming that the methods seemingly taught by her in this book amount to alternately “sewer politics”, a “smear campaign” or “political dark arts”.  Are Gordon-Nesbitt’s friends really saying she is a teacher of the ‘dark arts’?

In further irony, Dr Gordon-Nesbitt also recommends employing pseudonym email addresses – much like this blog has been criticised for.

In the end, we are glad that Dr Gordon-Nesbitt writes that the type of research we’ve published is “socially necessary” and “immensely rewarding”.  We agree. Others, though, need to question if what we’re doing is so wrong – what does that make Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt’s book?


Postscript:  The unabridged truth about The Weekend Furlough’s authorship is as follows.  TWF is published by a London based professional, with some help from friends, with the general intention of revealing the crazy ideas of those who seek to or are govern/ing us.

The Editor’s non-political day job means that an element of mystery is required.  Also, mystery is fun! ‘Contractor.net’ is not, as been suggested, anything to do with the construction industry but a free domain ending on ‘mail.com’.  While we enormously respect what fellow blogger Ian Driver does, he is some way wide of the mark in his article on our identity.

While interested parties sometimes send us screenshots; 95% of our Gordon-Nesbitt revelations have come from Labour sources in or around South Thanet political life.

We adopt the nom de guerre of Lee Atwater as a homage to one of the greatest political minds of all time – taken too soon by an aggressive cancer of the brain.  ‘The Weekend Furlough’ title is a tribute to Atwater’s revelations of Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis’ inexplicable decision to release murderers from prison on weekends – some of whom went on to commit further brutalities.  It is these sorts of nonsenses – from all parties – that we seek to expose.

We’re non-partisan – send us tips on Tories, Lib Dems, Kippers, Greenies, etc. !

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