What was Dr Gordon-Nesbitt’s involvement in Vivisection?

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt may have latterly worked as an arts and health researcher but her first degree was in Biochemistry with molecular biology.¹  Questions as to what use the Dr put that training have led to a most sordid destination.

In 2004 two academics published a paper entitled:


In short, it was the report upon their experimentation on the effects of giving morphine sulphate to pregnant rats. The Mother rats were given morphine sulphate dilution at varying stages through pregnancy.  Their foetuses were then ‘extracted’ via caesarean section.

Vivisection is controversial in the UK with many environmental campaigners pushing for its proscription.  In Iran, however, the situation is bleaker still.  Environmental charity, World Animal Protection, grade Iran a ‘G’ – the lowest on a 

It is not known whether this experiment adopted voluntary additional standards or what protections were afforded the subjects.  Other than that administration of the morphine was oral and ‘birth’ was surgical nothing is known of the experiments methods.  It is unclear if either the mother or baby rats went on to live after the experiments conclusion.

This troubling background makes the following revelation all the more concerning.

The paper lists the following acknowledgements:

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 14.48.38

The authors list Gordon-Nesbitt, who has familial links to Shiraz, Iran – the site of the experiments – under their ‘acknowledgements’ section.²  The authors credit her with editing the manuscript.

Given the apparent nature of the experiment, a serious question emerges as to what assurances the then Miss Gordon-Nesbitt sought as to animal welfare within it. It is presumed, that given Gordon-Nesbitt edited the manuscript that she would have been aware, if after the event, of the experiments and still participated in a limited role.  Did Gordon-Nesbitt demand higher welfare standards?

It is also unclear, to the authour,  whether Dr Gordon-Nesbitt has, either at that stage or since, spoken out about the alleged human rights violation of the Iranian State.  Though the Committee for Cultural Change did ‘like’ claims of Britain’s “crimes” in Iran.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.31.02

NOTE: There is nothing to suggest that Dr Gordon-Nesbitt physically participated in any of the experimentation or cruelty.  Nor is there any evidence to suggest she was aware of any cruelty and failed to act.  Her involvement should be considered to be solely in manuscript preparation and editing. Nothing within this article should be considered as stating and/or implying involvement in activities that are in any way criminal or illicit in any jurisdiction including the Republic of Iran or the United Kingdom.


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  2. https://www.rebeccagordon-nesbitt.org/about-rebecca/

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