The Gordon-Nesbitt Files: The Origins

We get it.  A new site comes along and publishes a series of stories that people think could hurt a candidate in a future election.  This gets people wondering, who is behind it?

Let me be clear, earlier articles published by others about this site were inaccurate, way wide of the mark.  The truth is this…

The main author of this site is a hobby writer with occasional examples of previous journalistic success but not many.  We are London based but have some historic links to Cliftonville – some people dear to us still live there.  We pay limited attention to ‘Thanet life’ but had heard about the Labour PPC race.  Like most people, we expected a candidate other than the eventual winner to be selected.

This piqued our interest.  Our experience is that unexpected results often have fascinating origins.  So, we decided to look into it.

Our first call was to a senior Labour source – one who as a consequence of the result – we thought might be talkative. We made the call on the 10th of April – some while before we published our first story.  We explained that we were a journalist and wanted to write a story about the PPC race and any funny goings on.  We were not disappointed.Call EvidienceGoogle Sourc


Over the course of a 30 minute phone call, the individual told us that there was a “big story here” and we should be “grateful” because she was giving us a lot of news.  The individual pointed us in the direction of a lot of different allegations.  We made a note of all of them.  Some did not check out – many did.

It was clear that our source had an axe to grind and would tell us what we wanted to hear in order that we may criticise Dr Gordon-Nesbitt.  She obviously felt hurt by the way that she thought Gordon-Nesbitt had betrayed her.  Clearly at that stage she was disappointed at recent events and wanted to lash out.  Her view was that the PPC election should be re-run. However, while much was unfocused and unpublishable she gave us a lot that was actionable, including:

  1. Telling us about the @cambiarcultura, twitter account and that she had traced it back to Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt.  We made initial enquiries however, in the interim, Guido Fawkes published the most juicy of the anti-semitism revelations. The Cambiar Cultura twitter account had clearly been at issue in the recent PPC election [see below image].Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 12.06.59
  2. Discussion of links between Gordon-Nesbitt and suspended and/or controversial Thanet Labour figures. The Jewish Chronicle published it’s piece on the May Day Jackie Walker rally prior to us receiving a screenshot from another source.
  3. A series of unverifiable allegations about Gordon-Nesbitt’s work and union membership status.  We have not published these due to the lack of any corroborative evidence.
  4. Broader allegations regarding the Salon3 charity – which again have proved unverifiable.

We ended the phone call, feeling excited.  If just some of what our source had claimed was true, this could be big.  We were amazed that we had gained all of this from an elected official. We went away with the view that we would need time to independently stand up each strand. However, our options were limited by Guido and the JC pipping us to the post and publishing some of what we would otherwise of posted before we had posted.   Nevertheless, we could and have written a lot, even so.

We are very grateful to our source, who despite being chagrined, fired the starting gun on all of the ‘Gordon-Nesbitt Files’ and provided weapons-grade briefing…  None of this would be possible without her.

Some while later we began to publish stories and a further source got in touch via email.  They used, like us, a free ‘’ pseudonym email address calling themselves ‘Vaz Patel’.  They wanted to send us material and we were more than happy to receive it.

The information received was detailed and included all of our stories regarding vivisection.  While the wording, tone and linguistic signature was different to our first source (leading us to conclude they were different people) they shared a lot of the same information.  We believed that they must be close to one another…

One email included much regarding the now infamous Jackie Walker meeting – we were very grateful. However, it sadly came after publication in the JC.  However, one screenshot seemingly from Facebook led to us giving our source a name within The Weekend Furlough.   The screenshot, in full, is below:5802C3DD-6989-460F-AD22-690C9B8654F5 (1)

It was clear that ‘Vaz’ or ‘Chris‘ as we referred to him after we were sent the above photo, also had an inside interest.  We approached his allegations with care but we were very grateful for the original files/links he sent us.  His tips, consistent assistance and natural instinct for political bombshells have helped our cause no end.


While we did ask some other individuals to send us any screenshots that they had; 95% of our material came from these two sources.  We know that internal elections are messy and that they probably had motives that were personal.  However, they did provide a lot of material that we could check.

We have published original files and screenshots where possible and hope readers agree that all of this is real information, accurately reported – even if you don’t like our editorial stance.  We stand by our reporting.  This is not an “attack site”, “astroturfing” or anything else.  We see ourselves as a genuine blog, exposing nonsense and we’re grateful our sources for their help in this.



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3 thoughts on “The Gordon-Nesbitt Files: The Origins

  1. Flyer was one of several versions that were around prior to the event, and in effect was only a draft.
    At the event itself which was chaired by Jon Flaig. Dr Gordon-Nesbit, Mark Sawotka or Chris Wiliamson MP absent from the final billing and did not attend.
    I did.


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