Furious war of words erupts over Ravensgate Arms ‘Altercation’

Thanet Labour was today plunged into chaos amid competing claims over an altercation in the Ravensgate Arms pub.  In January 2018, a heated row broke out between South Thanet Labour Candidate, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt and Kaz Peet the agent to Gordon-Nesbitt’s then rival Karen Constantine.  Unverified claims state that drinks were “thrown” before Peet stormed off – all denied by Peet.

Sources close to Team Gordon-Nesbitt were last night claiming that Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt was “verbally abused” by Kaz Peet who allegedly called the candidate a “F****** B****”.  Meanwhile, Peet fired back stating emphatically, that it was Gordon Nesbitt who had been “passive aggressive” and “insisted upon” confronting her – despite, Peet asking Gordon-Nesbitt not to talk to her.  One source close to Peet claimed that she had been left in tears by Gordon-Nesbitt’s alleged explosion.

“The allegations are being made to get at Karen Constantine who was the stand out candidate and should have won.”

Kaz Peet

Exact details are unclear but the common ground between the now actively warring camps is this:

  • Gordon-Nesbitt and Peet were both at the Ravensgate Arms separately with friends.
  • Both parties had consumed substantially more than one drink at the time of the row.
  • The Peet group then began to leave the pub to attend a birthday party elsewhere.
  • As the Peet group was leaving there is a dispute. Peet claims Gordon-Nesbitt approached her and pro Gordon-Nesbitt sources are claiming the opposite.
  • A heated war of words ensues but with each camp claiming the other was the menacing one.
  • Peet then leaves, according to her, or storms out according to Team Gordon-Nesbitt.

The argument was said to centre over Gordon-Nesbitt’s candidature with Peet admitting to accusing Dr Gordon-Nesbitt of “splitting the left wing vote” and getting “rude in a ‘pub banter’ type of way”.  Peet is also understood to have disputed Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt’s grassroots credentials.

“You’re posh, you’re an intellectual and you work at the House of Lords. What is grass roots about that?”

Kaz Peet – Alleged Remarks during ‘Ravensgate Arms Altercation’

Peet now claims that Gordon-Nesbitt had been “spreading a web of lies around” Karen Constantine.  Peet claims RGN propagated “ridiculous stories” accusing Constantine of having not voted for Jeremy Corbyn – a claim denied furiously by Constantine.  Gordon-Nesbitt, according to Peet,  “kept saying things about Karen that I know to be untrue… and told lies in order to elevate herself and forge a position”.  Peet claims that claims from the Gordon-Nesbitt camp about her are “absurd” and that she was in no way bullying.

Meanwhile, Senior Labour sources close to the Gordon-Nesbitt campaign were keen to point out that Peet had been involved in another similar altercation in April at the Ramsgate Music Hall.  They alleged that Peet “pulled a similar intimidatory stunt on another woman for making it known that she would be supporting Gordon-Nesbitt rather than Constantine in the PPC race”. They claim Peet “publicly rounded on another woman ‘effing and blinding’ in her face trying to provoke a fight.”  The row, it is acknowledged, continued outside. Peet admitted a “rather loud argument” but claims the row instead centred over defamatory posts on Facebook,

Extraordinarily, sources close to the Gordon-Nesbitt campaign were today claiming that Peet was “a habitual drug user”.  Peet angrily denied these claims saying “I am not a habitual drug user at all.”  Peet however admitted living a “rock and roll” lifestyle and having written for a cannabis magazine.

Unverified claims were today, inexplicably, being made about Peet and a shocking incident, said to have taken place 4 years ago, that we are unable to detail for legal reasons.

Peet: “Constantine’s substance abusing henchwoman”

Labour Source close to Gordon-Nesbitt Campaign

The murkiness of the original events – including extraordinary claims that the Labour PPC engaged in “harassing, bullying” conduct – are unlikely to be resolved.  The accounts of both camps are poles apart.  It is the warring state of the Thanet Labour Party that is most worrying party bosses this evening with competing camps prepared to say anything to injure the other.  Readers can only guess when the crisis caused by the Gordon-Nesbitt files will lift.


One thought on “Furious war of words erupts over Ravensgate Arms ‘Altercation’

  1. It wont lift and eventually Thanet Labour will implode, sad times indeed for all left thinking individuals.


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