In her statement responding to claims circulating that she is the so-called ‘leaker number 1’ – claims she denies – Karen Constantine made the following statement:

The image with a ‘Chris’ tagged isn’t my Chris.

The statement –  coming shortly after our ‘The Gordon-Nesbitt Files: The Origins’ post, makes clear that the ‘Chris’ we refer to is not Constantine’s husband ‘Chris Constantine’.

It has since been, shall we say, ‘suggested’ to us that we should make this clear.  We are very happy to do so.  Readers should not conclude in any way that Chris Constantine is running a vicious briefing war against Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt and/or leaked any embarrassing material about her.

In entirely unrelated news, check out what Chris Constantine wrote the last time a candidate beat his wife for Labour PPC:

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 15.20.39.png

And some of the research he engaged in:

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 15.24.25.png



  1. So you and Driver are colluding. That’s obvious. You haven’t even bothered to re-write his copy. Lazy.

    You won’t publish this in full, if at all, so I’ll be brief. If I was the source of a ‘leak’, what is it I’ve leaked? I have yet to see it. Is there any ’embarrassing’ document you’ve blogged that wasn’t previously in the public domain? All you’ve done is share stuff that’s there to be found by anyone. In fact, you kicked off by highlighting material that was already on Guido and The Jewish Chronicle – you said so yourself.

    ‘Leaking’ is along the lines of sending Karen Constantine’s PPC application form to Ian Driver who then published the private and personal details on his blog as part of a consistent smear campaign. He’s since deleted that post because he was rumbled and his source liable to prosecution.

    You need to up your game mate.


    1. Chris,

      We’ve published your comment because we believe in free speech. However, to answer your points. Ian Driver and I are not ‘colluding’. We certainly don’t steal copy. That is a defamatory claim.

      Nobody but us could have come up with: ‘Leaky Chris is not my lover’.

      I think we all know there is a briefing war going on. Why not send us some new stuff?

      Cheers, Lee Atwater


      1. By the way, Chris if you want to know who’s doing the briefing against Team Constantine. I would look much closer to Team Gordon-Nesbitt. I’m not sure they like you all that much, pal.


    2. What a pathetic, bitter and twisted, bad loser you are Chris Constantine. Nobody leaked Karen Constatine’s PPC application to me I found out all I needed to know from her misleading CV on Linkedin and from other internet sources just like any any good blogger would do. Evidence of your £millionaire property portfolio came from your own mouth with at least 5 adverts in 18 months on your Facebook page advertising your Spanish holiday let – have your delclared your income from letting this property to HMRC like an honest socialist would do? Evidence of your 3 bedroom Docklands home at 3 Hartlepool Court E162RL and your rent paying tenants came from a report I purchased from 192com for £17.99 and HM Land Registry for £3.00 – the best £20.99 I have spent in a long time. I am happy to provide the Labour Party with copies of the documents and confimatotry e-mails to establish the truth of what I have said and am happy to assist any investiagtions they may decide to conduct. If you want to find out who might be leaking stories about events in the South Thanet Labour Party may I suggest that you and your wife look in the mirror then examine your consciences – that is if you are able to tell the difference between right and wrong, truth and lies #Lushgate #HarvardLawSchool #15%councillorsallowancerise #bullying


  2. Chris Constantine I forgot to say I have not deleted any blog posts about your wife. They all remain in the public domain as a truthful testament to her impeccable moral standards and her committment to truth, honesty and good behviour in public office. She is indeed a role model for the Nolan Principles of Conduct In Public Life what a #lushcious example of civic propriety she provides


  3. Ian Driver is the liar.

    Karen’s application form contained a simple typo and his blog repeated the same mistake. This came to light during PPC interviews when the error was read out and those present realised that “That’s where Driver got his info”.

    Ian, you are down in the gutter. You are ridiculed by the Thanet populous. Your behaviour is beyond excusable.

    What confuses everyone I’ve had talk to me about you is “why?”. With all the work that needs to be done in Thanet, why do you spend so much effort on viciously attacking a single individual who has put herself up there to try and make people’s lives better and has considerable support from likeminded individuals and groups who believe positive change can happen.

    Beyond your prolific online hate campaign, why do you then feel the need to walk past us in a public space, turn and make the foul middle finger gesture at Karen. This was witnessed by three people (plus Karen) on Friday night and, frankly, left all open mouthed in disbelief.

    It’s a measure of the person you are but, believe me, will not deter people like Karen from continuing to push a genuine and achievable socialist agenda for all.


  4. What utter crap. But I would expect nothing less from you. Your comments totally avoid the real issue which is all about your wife’s suitablity to be a Councillor or an MP, especially a socialist councillor or MP.

    My blogs have exposed her to be immoral by selling off charitable goods destined for homeless people to fund her KCC election campaign. My blogs have shown her to be dishonest by describing the sale of the Lush products to members of the public as a “charity sale” rather than a plotical fundraiser, and by deliberately misleading people through ommission about her week-long TUC fudned stay at Harvard Law School. My blogs have show her to be a bully especially to the barworker at the Churchill Tavern. My blogs have shown her to be a hypocirte be publicly denouncing the 15% KCC member allowance increase whilst happily pocketing the cash. My blogs have have shown her to be a glory-grabbing piggy-back rider who uses the the hard work others to advance her own selfish agenda.

    This particualr blog has also corroborated my claim that your wife engages in the secretive smearing of her opponents, especially those who defeat her for important positions. Indeed you yourself appeared to enjoy smearing on social media Ruashan Aara, who was selected as South Thanet PPC in favour of your wife.

    I have written extensively on all these issues because I do not believe your wife is a suitable person to occupy elected public office and her actions have brought both the Labour Party and the offices she occupies into disrepute and the voting public have a right to be aware of my opinion.

    My blogs are all based upon hard evidence, much of which comes from you and your wife’s social media media postings. You and wife have never, ever, challenged the accuracy of my blogs or questioned the evidence I have used. Probably becuse you know them to be truthful and correct. As to typos as evidence of leaks you will be intrerested to know that I am dyslexic and frequently make spelling mistakes. As to finger gestulictations my recollection (and I too have witnesses) is that your wife began the exchange – I was particulalry pleased with my LOSER gesticualtion which I image is quite popular in your home.

    Let me make clear that I will not be detered by your criticisms and efforts to intimidate and will not hestitate to contact the police should they continue. However I would like to publcly thank you for having a go at me in the public domain as it provides me with an wonderful opportunity to inform even more people about the disreputable antics of you and your wife.

    Finally, for your to conflate this matter with socialism is pathetic. This is all about the ruthless, sharp elbowed, and selfish ambition of your wife. Members of the South Thanet Labour Party are beginning to wake up to it and thats she why she was passed over twice in less than a year for the PPC post.

    My advice to you and your wife is to look in the mirror and consider your own roles in your downfall and move on and do other things.



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