Team RGN ‘plan Godfather style showdown with Cllr Constantwhine’

Infuriated by recent leaks, key members of ‘Team Gordon-Nesbitt are tonight planning a ‘Godfather style showdown’ with scandal-hit Councillor, Karen Constantine.  The group which includes ‘key Gordon-Nebitt lieutenants’ Stuart McCann and Bunny La Roche plans to confront Constantine at the Ramsgate ‘Schools in Crisis’ Meeting organised by the National Education Union.


Also attending is Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt herself who will have to listen to her speech by the woman many accuse of launching a ‘dirty tricks operation’ against her. Some have taken to referring the Ramsgate Councillor as ‘leaker number 1’. Constantine denies all allegations of leaking.

Given the explosive personalities involved, party bosses fear a ‘Ravensgate Arms’ style meltdown.  One participant told this site, today, that:

“It’s put up or shut up time for Karen, we’ve had enough.”

Source close to the Gordon-Nesbitt camp

With the warring between the rival factions showing no signs of abating – this has the potential to be explosive.  A source close to Constantine once made a series of unverifiable claims about both Bunny La Roche and Stuart McCann and advised us to look into them.  Tonight, they meet.

At the meeting?  Tell us what happened, anonymously, at the contact page…

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