Responding to claims from a senior labour figure, known as ‘Leaker No. 1’, a source has claimed that there is no truth to one persistently circulating rumour about a secret team behind Gordon-Nesbitt.

Speaking to the weekend furlough, ‘Leaker No. 1’ had claimed that Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt had been “plucked from obscurity” as part of a left-wing ‘Manchurian Style’ plot by a quartet of local leftist figures.  The group which was said to have included Jackie Walker a controversial figure, who remains suspended from the Labour Party over claims of anti-Semitism.  The group was also said to have included Graham Bash, who is known for his links to Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell.

Jackie Walker
Jackie Walker, alleged by one source to be known as “Comrade Squealer”

In a bizarre turn of events, one usually reliable source told this site that the Group referred to themselves by “Animal Farm inspired pseudonyms.”  It has not been possible to confirm this speculation.


  1. ‘COMRADE NAPOLEON’ – GRAHAM BASH Senior voice within Jewish Voice for Labour – a group that downplays anti-Semitism within the Labour Party.  Labour Briefing Editor.  Labour Representation Committee Treasurer.
  2. ‘COMRADE SQUEALER’ – JACKIE WALKER Former Momentum Vice-Chair, currently suspended from the Labour Party over allegations of anti-Semitism – which she denies.  Central target in Jewish Groups’ protests to the Labour Party.
  3. ‘COMRADE PINCHER’ – Nxxxxx xxxxxx Local journalist with long legacy of left-wing advocacy.
  4. ‘COMRADE BLUEBELL’ – Cxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Thanet disability rights activist who has angrily denied previous allegations of anti-semitism on news site run by ‘Comrade Pincher’

Responding to the general claims, a ‘Manchurian Quartet’ member described them as ‘categorically untrue’.  He denied that so-called ‘Comrade Squealer’, Jackie Walker, ever participated in any campaign meetings but declined to comment on whether he had participated.



‘The Manchurian Candidate’ was a 1959 political thriller by author, Richard Condon.  It has twice been adapted into screenplays.  The plot focusses on the son of a prominent politician who is brainwashed as part of a communist plot to take over the United States.  He is then ‘run’ unwittingly as a candidate for President as a puppet of his communist masters.

Know the truth?  Is ‘Leaker No. 1’ telling porkies? Or did this group really meet?  Know the truth, let us spill your secrets for you…

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