Having lost one Parliamentarian old boy in the form of David Cameron, the Old Etonian Association can rejoice in potentially getting another ‘Eton Family’  back into the Palace of Westminster.  Kyle McCallum who was ‘Handfasted’ in a Scottish Pagan ceremony to South Thanet Labour Candidate, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt is an old boy.


A veteran of the tennis squad, McCallum now uses the Eton connection to boast of his prowess when advertising himself as a tennis coach.  McCallum also works as a Lecturer in Arts and Festival Management at London South Bank University.

Eton College, which charges fees of over £32,000 a year, has educated 19 British Prime Ministers.  It is normally better known for its links to the Tory Party and has traditionally attracted criticism from the Left of British Politics.  Tony Blair, attended Fettes College but no Labour Prime Minister has ever attended the school known as ‘Home of the British Establishment’.

Gordon-Nesbitt is – despite her partner’s illustrious education – an opponent of Kent’s Grammar School system.  The schools seek, according to their supporters, to give a Public School style education to pupils without the means to enjoy private education.


McCallum alludes to his privileged upbringings in his stage name for the, in our opinion, exceedingly bad electric music that he produces.

McCallum has – according to public records – had an eclectic career. In fact, in 2013, McCallum tried his hand at Hollywood, working as “Petty Cash Buyer” for the James McAvoy film, ‘Filth’.  It is likely that given the film’s estimated £5,000,000 budget that McCallum had access to large sums of cash.  His sister also worked as a buyer for the film.

The following year, McCallum and Gordon-Nesbitt moved to Ramsgate.  They now live in a £375,000 house there together.  The average house in South Thanet is worth £227,000, some £148,000 less than the Gordon-Nesbitt/McCallum household.  Nothing on the old digs though…download

McCallum, despite being very aware of our attempts to contact him, declined to comment.

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