Fried Chicken, Anyone?

Yesterday, we published an article drawing attention to Dr Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt’s seeming involvement in an experiment that appears to amount to vivisection.  Given that – at that time – we were in possession of just one paper in which there was evidence of Gordon-Nesbitt’s involvement we were careful to withhold judgment.

However, following publication, a source sent us further material that showed that the ‘Sprague-Dawson rats experimentation’ was not the only occasion in which the good doctor participated in activities surrounding Iranian animal experimentation.

A paper submitted to the aptly entitled Indian Journal of Experimental Biology in 2003, a year prior to publication of the ‘Sprague-Fawson paper’, concerns further troubling revelations.   The paper again authored by ‘Maryam Shams Lahijani‘ purported to study the potential health risks of power lines.  Fears, now comprehensively dismissed, that power lines created electromagnetic fields that could cause cancer were a popular pseudo-scientific myth in the early 2000s.¹

The 2003 paper is re-published here:

Development of preincubated chicken eggs following exposure to 50 Hz electromagnetic fields with 1.33-7.32 mT flux densities*

The experiment behind the paper exposed chicken eggs to a powerful electro-magnetic field before examining the resulting chicks.  The waves utilised were at a frequency of 50hz – the same level of the UK electricity supply in a home.  According to the paper, the eggs were exposed to the waves of the AC equivalent frequency for 24 hours.

The methodology section of the experiment explains the format of the electromagnetic field exposure with which the eggs were treated.  Hundreds of eggs were laid within a cylindrical electromagnetic coil.  Differing egg groups were then, in turn, exposed to various ‘densities’ of magnetic field – all at the 50hz level.  Densities utilised were far higher than any known environmental exposure within the Developed World.

Many of the egg-borne foetuses died before hatching – never having an opportunity at life.  Many more eggs resulted in deformed hatchlings – up to 57.1% in some groups.

It is worth reiterating again that; environmental charity, World Animal Protection, grade Iran a ‘G’ – the lowest on a 

For our purposes, the most concerning aspect of this tale can be gleamed, once again, from the acknowledgements.Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 14.38.13.png

The inference is inescapable.  When Gordon-Nesbitt edited the manuscript for the Sprague-Dawson paper, she appears to have already edited the manuscript of a previous paper in which the author had exposed egg-borne chicks to high-powered electromagnetic fields.  Given the methodology outlined in both tests, we repeat our question to Dr Gordon-Nesbitt:

What assurances did you seek or receive as to the ethical requirements of this animal experimentation?

Dr G-N – get in touch on the contact page if you want to answer…

NOTE: There is nothing to suggest that Dr Gordon-Nesbitt physically participated in any of the experimentation or in any cruelty.  Nor is there any evidence to suggest she was aware of any cruelty and failed to act.  Her involvement should be considered to be solely in manuscript preparation and editing. Nothing within this article should be considered as stating and/or implying involvement in activities that are in any way criminal or illicit in any jurisdiction including the Republic of Iran or the United Kingdom.



DISCLAIMER: Do not try anything described in this article at home. Please do not gather any animals or their nascent offspring and in anyway ‘hook them up to jumper cables’.

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt, ‘a dirty tricks’ campaigner?

Much has been made by those close to Dr Gordon-Nesbitt of the authorship of this site.  They have stated, erroneously, that it is published as an ‘attack site’ by a Tory aide.  In truth, most of the information we’ve published has come directly from concerned Labour sources…

You might think – given the handwringing – that the good Doctor’s hands are entirely clean of the so-called political dark arts.  That Dr Gordon-Nesbitt would not engage in aggressive background research and the like.


In 2011, Gordon-Nesbitt published a 31 page book, entitled ‘How to Conduct Investigative Research’.  Readers will be pleased to learn that we have obtained a copy…


One chapter within the text is entitled, ‘how to be a web detective‘ in which Gordon-Nesbitt provides advice on exposing the true sources behind campaign organisations.  She details in some length how one enquiry revealed an anti-Iran campaign was run by a ‘hard-line Israel lobby group’.  Gordon-Nesbitt also details how to use ‘whois’ web domain checks to outline the origins of websites.

‘CulturaGate’, the controversy caused by Dr Gordon-Nesbitt’s links to the hastily closed Centre for Cultural Change was exposed by precisely the methods outlined by Gordon-Nesbitt’s book.  The book calls them ‘sophisticated powers of detection’ – we call it basic research.

Today, those close to Gordon-Nesbitt are claiming that the methods seemingly taught by her in this book amount to alternately “sewer politics”, a “smear campaign” or “political dark arts”.  Are Gordon-Nesbitt’s friends really saying she is a teacher of the ‘dark arts’?

In further irony, Dr Gordon-Nesbitt also recommends employing pseudonym email addresses – much like this blog has been criticised for.

In the end, we are glad that Dr Gordon-Nesbitt writes that the type of research we’ve published is “socially necessary” and “immensely rewarding”.  We agree. Others, though, need to question if what we’re doing is so wrong – what does that make Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt’s book?


Postscript:  The unabridged truth about The Weekend Furlough’s authorship is as follows.  TWF is published by a London based professional, with some help from friends, with the general intention of revealing the crazy ideas of those who seek to or are govern/ing us.

The Editor’s non-political day job means that an element of mystery is required.  Also, mystery is fun! ‘’ is not, as been suggested, anything to do with the construction industry but a free domain ending on ‘’.  While we enormously respect what fellow blogger Ian Driver does, he is some way wide of the mark in his article on our identity.

While interested parties sometimes send us screenshots; 95% of our Gordon-Nesbitt revelations have come from Labour sources in or around South Thanet political life.

We adopt the nom de guerre of Lee Atwater as a homage to one of the greatest political minds of all time – taken too soon by an aggressive cancer of the brain.  ‘The Weekend Furlough’ title is a tribute to Atwater’s revelations of Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis’ inexplicable decision to release murderers from prison on weekends – some of whom went on to commit further brutalities.  It is these sorts of nonsenses – from all parties – that we seek to expose.

We’re non-partisan – send us tips on Tories, Lib Dems, Kippers, Greenies, etc. !

What was Dr Gordon-Nesbitt’s involvement in Vivisection?

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt may have latterly worked as an arts and health researcher but her first degree was in Biochemistry with molecular biology.¹  Questions as to what use the Dr put that training have led to a most sordid destination.

In 2004 two academics published a paper entitled:


In short, it was the report upon their experimentation on the effects of giving morphine sulphate to pregnant rats. The Mother rats were given morphine sulphate dilution at varying stages through pregnancy.  Their foetuses were then ‘extracted’ via caesarean section.

Vivisection is controversial in the UK with many environmental campaigners pushing for its proscription.  In Iran, however, the situation is bleaker still.  Environmental charity, World Animal Protection, grade Iran a ‘G’ – the lowest on a 

It is not known whether this experiment adopted voluntary additional standards or what protections were afforded the subjects.  Other than that administration of the morphine was oral and ‘birth’ was surgical nothing is known of the experiments methods.  It is unclear if either the mother or baby rats went on to live after the experiments conclusion.

This troubling background makes the following revelation all the more concerning.

The paper lists the following acknowledgements:

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 14.48.38

The authors list Gordon-Nesbitt, who has familial links to Shiraz, Iran – the site of the experiments – under their ‘acknowledgements’ section.²  The authors credit her with editing the manuscript.

Given the apparent nature of the experiment, a serious question emerges as to what assurances the then Miss Gordon-Nesbitt sought as to animal welfare within it. It is presumed, that given Gordon-Nesbitt edited the manuscript that she would have been aware, if after the event, of the experiments and still participated in a limited role.  Did Gordon-Nesbitt demand higher welfare standards?

It is also unclear, to the authour,  whether Dr Gordon-Nesbitt has, either at that stage or since, spoken out about the alleged human rights violation of the Iranian State.  Though the Committee for Cultural Change did ‘like’ claims of Britain’s “crimes” in Iran.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.31.02

NOTE: There is nothing to suggest that Dr Gordon-Nesbitt physically participated in any of the experimentation or cruelty.  Nor is there any evidence to suggest she was aware of any cruelty and failed to act.  Her involvement should be considered to be solely in manuscript preparation and editing. Nothing within this article should be considered as stating and/or implying involvement in activities that are in any way criminal or illicit in any jurisdiction including the Republic of Iran or the United Kingdom.



Is Gordon-Nesbitt really reformed on Anti-Semitism?

In an interview on the Isle of Thanet News site, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt has (finally) responded to Guido Fawke’s revelations of anti-semitism from the so-called Centre for Cultural Change.

She says:

“In 2016, I registered the url for The Centre for Cultural Change, an anonymous blog and twitter group run by activists from the Kent area. I am sincerely sorry for any hurt and offence caused by tweets from the account and regret that I did not understand this at the time they were posted.

“I have since developed a deeper understanding of antisemitism and the prevalence of antisemitic tropes, and I believe the expansion of political education on antisemitism within our movement is an essential step forward.

“ I fully support the efforts the Party is taking to stamp out antisemitism, and I look forward to working with the Jewish community in my constituency to raise awareness of antisemitism within our Party and within wider society.”


So, now, a totally reformed campaigner against anti-semitism…

Well, when local ailurophile, ‘Bunny La Roche’ posted this on why anti-semitism concerns from Jewish groups were smears…


Bunny La Roche - Smears

You would never guess who recorded their love for it…

RGN loves

Jeremy Corbyn accepts anti-semitism is real.  Gordon-Nesbitt ‘loves’ claims that the Board of Deputies are “playing politics” and not representative of Jews.

All this on 26th March, a steep learning curve…

Since that time Ms La Roche has posted a series of tropes all questioning whether anti-semitism is what it has been reported to be in the Labour Party.  She has posted text referring to anti-semitic stories as a “witch hunt”, a “hounding”, “treachery”, “undemocratic”, echoing the case of “Stephen Lawrence” and “smears”

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt has seen all these posts, she has said nothing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt seems to have nothing to say in the face of claims of the most abhorrent nature.  Silent when confronted with tropes of  an apparent slant that downplays anti-semitism.

South Thanet’s Jewish residents may now know how the good Doctor will stand up for them…

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt, the ball is in your court.  Much like Albus Dumbledore once said: “it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies but just as much to stand up to your friends.”

Digging Deeper into the Gordon-Nesbitt Files

This site has already examined the bizarre fringe views, seemingly, from Labour South Thanet Candidate, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt. Both Gordon-Nesbitt and the Labour Party are understood to have not yet commented upon her links to the now infamous Centre for Cultural Change.

Over the weekend The Jewish Chronicle also reported on the shocking revelation that in spite of the allegations of anti-semitism, Gordon-Nesbitt is due to speak under the chairmanship of Jackie Walker.  Walker remains one of the best known individuals to have been suspended by the Labour Party for allegations of anti-semitism.  Walker remains suspended by the Labour Party pending an inquiry.  Gordon-Nesbitt has also not commented upon this revelation.

In the face of the embattled candidate’s refusal to comment, we have turned our consideration to the candidate’s “team”.


Once more a troubling trend emerges…

Take this from Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt’s head of “logistics”, Estelle Rosenfeld.  A few weeks ago she decided to share a story about her view of an image that would under English Law amount to a crime.¹

Rosenfeld on naked child photo

Why did Rosenfeld share this peculiar missive?

ER transition to Corbyn

Rosenfeld believes that the mural, widely condemned as anti-semitic and which triggered widespread Jewish protest has nothing to do with “Jews”.Corbyn Mural

But, *hey* – what about UKIP?

Whataboutery UKIP


Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.01.52

Helpfully, Ms Rosenfeld also coordinated its dissemination with the notorious Jackie Walker.

Jackie Walker dissemination

Also on Dr Gordon-Nesbitt’s team is her ‘agent’ Chris Nicholas, who also happens to be a fan of the still suspended Jackie WalkerScreen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.05.29

He likes her ‘one-woman play’ on Facebook too.

the Lynching - Chris Nicholas

Lastly consider the words of Gordon-Nesbitt’s ‘handfasted partner’ Kyle McCallum – who like her partner tweets under a pseudonym.

Kyle identifier

He likes to intimate seeming threats to people who admit to holding ‘conservative’ views.



With some strong views on capitalism.

Capitalism Reasonable

Almost as if, the holders of fringe views on Jews/communism/etc. in Thanet had got together and picked a candidate whose views matched their own…


  1. R v Stamford [1988]/R v Graham-Kerr [1972].

The Gordon-Nesbitt Files

You’ve probably already seen Guido Fawke’s exposé of Dr Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt’s crazy Centre For Cultural change – if not see it here.

Now, if you thought that was all the Centre for Cultural Change (*aka* Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt) had to say, you’d be wrong.

Take this for example…

Queen Tweet

Gordon-Nesbitt says its “time to get rid” of the “unelected” “Royal Yacht Queenie”.  Nice…

So she doesn’t like The Queen… But are there any Global leaders the good Doctor does like?

Well as you asked…

Castro tweets

Yes, that’s the same Castro who summarily executed homosexuals and political opponents – the absolute boy…

Don’t like her views – you’re free to leave the country.

Leave the Country Tweet

Those views to be clear…

Marxist tweets

But she’s not a real marxist right…



Property is theft, entrepreneurs cause poverty…  Where does Gordon-Nesbitt find her food? Answers on a postcard please.


Perhaps her fringe views are theoretical – for Cuba not Britain…

Ban Creative Industry DCMS Tweet


And just in case we’re not sure that this is absolutely the Labour Candidate…

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt (CCC)

Oh dear…